Football Mania premieres on Guangdong Satellite Television Station April 28.

2017-03-16Source:CAMSING GLOBAL

It has been 8 months since the Show held its press conference and announced the air schedule. The highly anticipated show will in no time meet our audience after a long journey of preparation and participants selection.

The Show has been approved by State Administration of Radio Film and Television(SARFT) and will be aired on April 28 at 21:10 on Guangdong Satellite Television Station.

A brief to the Show:

The Show is jointly produced by Camsing Global, its subsidiary Bingxun Sports and Guangdong TV. The show features a selection of grass- root footballers to form a top tier football team to later compete with Manchester City. The highlights of the show include: it is the first of its kind for a television reality show to focus on football theme, it attracts football celebrities from Mancity to join the shooting and producing of the show, it also invites the most popular stars from Chinese entertainment industry to appear as the guests.

The show will be broadcast at prime time on Guangdong TV and simultaneously aired on Tencent, Lesports and more than 30 online and offline platforms nationwide.